solid polycarbonate sheets

 solid polycarbonate sheets


it described by clarity

Those sheets contain ultra-high impact resistance property what make sheets unbreakable

They can be easily fabricated, cold bent and formed

Those features allow our material suitable for a wide range of applications and demanded in various places for cladding purposes in homes, offices and hotels.

Provided PC sheet is manufactured by our domain-experts utilizing high grade material and progressive machinery.

Clear/Transparent Solid PC


Those sheets are covered with UV coating on both sides that gives our polycarbonate sheet excellent weatherability. As a result, we give all our customers non-yellowing warranty on our solid polycarbonate sheet.


those sheets are monolithic polycarbonate sheets with dual UV protection.

They are used in all applications where the sheet is exposed to the harmful effects of direct sunlight.

The co-extruded protection on both surfaces means cutting is optimized, the possibility of incorrect assembly is reduced to a minimum and lasting stability is ensured when it comes to both optical and mechanical properties.



This product’s features make it unique in delivering superior performance in terms of:


transparency, impact resistance, mechanical strength, machinability and adaptability to a wide range of solutions, in addition to retaining exceptional chemical and physical stability.

Here are some ideal applications:

- Skylights

- Glazing

- Opening frames

- External partitions


- Noise barriers

- Safety glazing

- Parapets

- Canopies