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pvc roof tiles


Pvc roof tiles


Junnarit p.v.c roof tiles : ألواح جوناريت قرميد بلاستيك , بديل القرميد الفخاري , الواح بلاستيك


those Light weight Plastic panels Offers an ideal roofing material solution for pitched roof , carports , villas , garden pavilion , sheds, holiday villages .


And is widely used as sheds in (factories, warehouses, railway stations) and various other places


Can be installed easly on walls and ceilings . According to clients' demands.


has long term color stability and long service life.


Followed by application of the decorative pattern with a special  printing method and a protective layer of glossy or matte varnish


Our environmental friendly products are also resistant to water, fire, and weather and have a good heat and sound insulation performances


ASA has outstanding corrosion resistance and anti-uv performance


which provides our ASA roofing tiles


these products are considered one of the preferred choices of customers these days.


Convenient to implement , Tough and tensile , Smooth finish


 other features :


   Anti-corrosion: It resists chemical corrosion and its life 

     span isover 3 times longer than zinc panels



   Water proof: 100% water proof Impact capacity: Resist    impact,

    tensile and hardly breakable



  Weather resistant: The UV agent mixing in the

   corrugated sheet,

   which can truly resist the damage of ultraviolet ray



  Light weight: The weight is light, it can save other

   roofing materials, then reduce the total cost


    Beauty: It has rich and bright colors


  Environment friendly: Contains no asbestos and

  no carcinogen released










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