space frame systems

 Advantage of space fame systems

Space frame systems are three-dimensional structures which are constructed by connecting straight tubular struts to each other with use of solid spherical hubs.

These systems carry loads by axial forces. the conic parts are welded to the strut edges and the struts are connected by spherical hubs

Because of the space frame systems are three-dimensional structures which work in two direction, fore large spans it provides economical solution.


They provide a great flexibility in the selection of support locations and

allows to apply for

 different geometrical shapes/areas.


The design/manufacture/ Installation process is completed in a very short interval due to the use of prefabricated components. It gives a big opportunity to the customer to start his production.


Transporting to far distances is easy due to the use of prefabricated components.


Spaceframe systems are lighter than traditional steel and reinforces concrete structures. therefore, it provides significant economy in foundation costs.

Space frame systems are the most useful structures for the earth-quake areas due to their light unit weight.

It is not necessary to cover by suspended ceilings because of its aesthetic appearance.

Additional structures to support the heating, ventilating, electrical and other systems are not required for space frame structures.


Because of the aesthetic attribute, space frames are very suitable for glass or polycarbonate skylights.


It provides various alternative, solutions in architectural area for complex geometrical shapes (pyramid, triangle, dome, barrel vault etc.)


Advantages of space frames


Elegant and economical

Carry load by three-dimensional action.

High inherent stiffness

Easy to construct

Save construction time and cost

Services (such as lighting and air conditioning) can be integrated with space frames.

Offer the architect unrestricted freedom in locating supports and planning the subdivision of the covered space.

Durable materials & protective finishes.

Construction is simple, safe and fast.

No site painting or welding.


Structural applications of space frame systems

Some of the structural applications of space frame systems are as below:

Sports centers

Industrial foundations

Factories, storage buildings

Swimming pools

Air craft hangars

Theaters/exhibition conference halls

Shopping centers



Gas stations

Lobbies, atrium of the hotels

Fair stands

Tennis courts, carpet soccer fiels

Bus stations


To cover large space such as :

sports arenas.

exhibishion pavillions

assembly halls

transportations terminals

airplane hangars



shopping centre

training hall

Space frame system are three dimensional structures

which are constructed by connecting straight tubular struts to

other with the use of solid spherical hubs.


Production is completed at the factory

and the assembly is made at the construction site.


Space frame members are struts, spherical hubs, bolts, purlins and supports.


There are conics, bolts, nuts and pins at both ends of pipes

and we put mounting numbers on each pipe .


Spherical hub :

To connect the struts with the spherical hub; Gear bolt bores are made on to the spherical hub.

The size and the number of bores on to the hub are determined according to the specifications of space frame system.  

Bore entries are flattened by a milling process to ensure proper connection to the tubular struts.

Bolt diameters can be between 12 mm and 56 mm ,




Shape and dimensions of the supports are various according to the systems specifications. Supports can be fixed, free in one direction or free in two directions. Supports are made from St-37 or St-52 steel material.


The assembly can be made very easily by using simple manual tools as below :

  1. The system is assembled on the floor and held to be installed by a crane.
  2. The system is assembled in its own place by using scaffold.
  3. Some parts of the system is prepared on the floor and it is installed at the final position by the crane and carried on assembling in the air.