roof and facade systems



® systems can meet the most demanding construction and design requirements to create roofs and façades that successfully combine outstanding functionality with stunning aesthetics.

® enables you to create innovative, long-lasting, high performance and low maintenance building envelope solutions using aluminium profiled sheets and other inspiring metal finishes. Truly sustainable features such as ® Solar Solutions or the ® Nature Roof provide the perfect finishing touches to the unique ® product range.

Features and benefits:

® is a complete system with limitless design potential – capable of achieving the most complex roof geometries and innovative designs.

Total building envelope solution with every detail, component and accessory fully integrated.

Ultimate product quality, innovative material combinations and harmonious integration of shapes, colours and surfaces.

Total versatility – proven in new build and refurbishment, public sector and private, educational and medical buildings, sporting venues and airports.

Highly sophisticated, light weight building system, requiring less structural support.

Strong, durable, weather-tight, impact resistant.

Virtually maintenance-free throughout a long life – low whole life cost.

Intrinsically sustainable with options such as ® Nature Roof and ® Solar Solutions.

Fully demountable and can be reused or recycled.

® is a multi-purpose, multi-component system offering a wide range of solutions and finishes for roofs, façades and the entire building envelope.

The system’s adaptability and the wide range of different products enable you to create the ideal solution for each project’s aesthetic and performance criteria.